Anonymous: Hello ! Just wanted to know if you could please answer the following for me: what other major relationships has he had besides kim, mariah and marni? What is he like personality wise? I hear he's hypder and perky around those he knows reaaaaaally well. Just wondering.

Not that I know of, relationship wise. He tends to keep his personal life personal in regards to things like that and family matters, you know? And it’s not like I’ve ever met him, so I can’t really tell you his personality, but I can tell you what I think he’s like through interviews, music, his autobiography, etc, etc. He seems to be a great, interestingly, funny guy, in all honesty. I remember and interview where Royce once said that he was makin’ fun of Em and he just laughed and said something of the same caliber back to him, so it seems that he’s able to take a joke and have fun with his friends. I mean, he tends not to smile much in interviews, but from what I’ve seen he does laugh a lot. And the things he’s written make me like him even more than I already did, since he is in absolute love with comics, and such. I don’t know, his personality seems pretty genuine to me, aha.

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Marshall is 6 years sober as of today


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If he can do it, so can I

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